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Marble and granite polishing services 

Any stone surfaces, despite their strength, eventually lose their original brightness. Marble is a beautiful and expensive finishing material. It needs not only appropriate care but from time to time, restoring its appearance.

It can seem to be expensive on how to polish marble. In fact, if you regularly use the marble tile cleaner polish and contact the professional marble polisher, then the task becomes cheaper than you think.

If you want to get the best value for your money and save time and effort, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for a marble polishing company.

Types of marble polishing

Actually, there are 2 main types of marble, the natural and the cultured one. Much of the marble cutting and polishing process depends on what of these types is installed in your home or office:

  • Natural marble polishing stone can be difficult because it has a porous structure and can easily absorb liquids. With the hand marble polishing machine, the top scratched layer is first cut off, and then the surface is sanded and polished. It is wrong to think that the marble polishing procedure does not require special skills. How to polish marble with diamond pads requires experience with tools as well as the correct selection of marble polishing abrasive. Otherwise, you may be left with a curved surface, or stains of chemical cleaners.
  • Cultured marble cleaner and polish is easier to use because the material does not have the same limitations as natural marble. It is stronger and better withstands chemical cleaners. Polishing cultured marble scratches also require a gentle procedure, but the risk of spoiling the cultured marble during polishing is lower.

Marble polishing tools and hardware

The sanding and polishing of marble are done in a variety of ways and usually require professional equipment. A marble polishing machine for home use is quite expensive and usually, it is more profitable for homeowners to order a marble polishing service outsource.

For successful results the following marble polishing supplies are needed:

  • The wet marble polisher is a fairly effective mechanism. The use of water allows you to get better results and at the same time prevents the device from overheating when working with diamond polish on the marble floor.
  • Polishing discs for marble coated with diamond grit. You will need several marble tile polishing discs with different grits. Coarse 50 grits marble polishing disc to cut and a few softer ones for sanding purposes.
  • A marble granite polishing machine is perhaps the most expensive and complex tool. It is used with a variety of attachments in honing and polishing steps. A felt nozzle is used for working with marble polishing powder tin oxide.
  • Marble polishing powder or paste allow removing minor surface defects. Tin oxide to polish marble helps to achieve perfect smoothness. The floor, from which defects have already been eliminated, must be restored to a shine finish. For this purpose first mechanical and then chemical treatment are applied.
  • Marble polishing liquid is used for final handling. Most often, it has a number of useful properties, for example, protecting from moisture and dust. Such marble polishing compound may not be used in certain cases. White varieties of polished Carrara marble tile or Aurora white polished marble tile are highly susceptible to chemicals and can acquire unwanted stains. Then polished marble sealer is used.
  • Sealing polished marble tile is another way to make marble shine polish. The pretreated tiles are covered with sealing, which protects them from external influences and retains the brightness and color depth.
  • Also, hot putties are used for polishing natural stone. They will help to close seams and microcracks in the stone, have a huge palette of colors, and easy to handle.

Marble cleaners also come with various warranties, so you can find out exactly what your options are if you need them. 

How to find the best marble floor polishing company?

Polished marble tiles look like a fairly durable material, however, marble floor polishing service is something that you should do from time to time.

It might surprise you to know that polishers can actually save you quite a bit of money because they have all the necessary equipment and supplies for each stage of work. It is quite risky to make DIY marble floor polishing as homemade marble polish can cause deep scratches and tarnish. The marble polishing price will only increase after it.

When hiring a professional marble cleaner, make sure the contractor has been working long enough to have good reviews. You better check the warranty before you order the marble stone polishing service since we are talking about a fairly expensive material.

The internet is a very convenient resource for finding the marble polishing cost. By going online, you'll be able to browse “marble polishing companies near me”. Most likely you will see the Fee4bee website with a lot of offers from local contractors.

The Fee4bee is the online platform where you can compare how much does it cost to polish marble floors from different contractors and inquire about the quality of their work from real consumer testimonials.

What jobs can be done by a marble polishing contractor?

  1. Polished marble mosaic tiles are most commonly used on the floor. This is an expensive and incredibly beautiful way of flooring. The floor especially suffers from wear and tear, because it is exposed to intense stress: people walk in heels on it, move furniture, and often wash it with rather aggressive cleaning agents. As a result, the color fades and the texture deteriorates. Therefore, most often speaking about the polish of marble, we mean precisely the marble floor polishing procedure. In order for the marble to remain bright and shiny, you will have to think from time to time about how to polish marble floors by machine.
  2. Marble dining table polish requires eco-friendly methods. The surface that is used for dinner is better polished without chemical cleaners. Sometimes regular baking soda can be an excellent solution to how to polish an old marble table top. But even such an easy marble polish can cost you dearly, because marble, especially black ones, is easy to spoil.
  3. Polishing marble countertops is necessary because their surface is easily prone to scratches. If the countertop can withstand mechanical damage from dishes, then chemical damage can be detrimental to marble. Vinegar, lemon juice, or any other acid or dyes on the surface will easily make it spotted and stain. 
  4. Polished marble shower walls often used because of their breathable structure, which helps to improve the microclimate in the bathroom. If you are planning this kind of cladding in your bathroom, it is worth considering how to polish marble shower walls in advance. Marble contains minerals, so there is always a risk that the iron inside can rust and change the color.
  5. The polished marble backsplash is one of the trends in interior design nowadays. Kitchen surfaces are often treated with harsh cleaning agents, so the question of how to polish marble backsplash can quickly become relevant. Getting to the backsplash can be tricky, so a hand polisher for marble is most often used here.
  6. Polishing marble fireplace. Some types of stone tiles can lose their shiny due to temperature changes. For example, polished the Carrara marble fireplace surround harmoniously fits into many interiors, does not crack, do not damp, and retains heat. But like any natural material, it makes you wonder how to polish marble fireplace surround. The marble fireplace polish process is complicated by the need for preliminary cleaning it from soot.
  7. The main reason for restore the polished marble sill is the placing of various objects on it, which leads to scratches and fading in direct sunlight.
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