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Melissa Mraz

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Hiring a handyman for assembling a dresser

Every room in the house has its own unique style and personality. And comfortable furniture always adds convenience to your house. If you are going to furnish your room you don't have to choose a pre-assembled inexpensive dresser just because you don't have the option to install it yourself.

If the room is decorated in a certain style and you wish to place an assemblable 6 drawer dresser in there you shouldn't limit yourself. Let your room look better instead, by hiring a contractor who will be ready to assemble the dresser.

There are numerous ways to drawer dresser assembly. You can try doing it on your own first if your unit is easy to assemble dresser and will not require professional installation. 

Dresser drawer assembly parts list

When making an assemble yourself dresser, check out the accessories that will go along with it. This will give you a better idea of how to install drawer slides in the dresser and how to install a mirror on the dresser.

There are some parts and additional accessories that might be needed for dresser installation:

  • hooks, racks, and hangers;
  • sliders, wheels, and springs;
  • attaching screws and nuts;

But there are many other items that you could purchase to improve the appearance of your dresser. 

A dresser online order assembly

With an incorrect self assemble dresser, usually begins problems that lead to breakage of the sliding mechanisms and the need to replace a piece of furniture. To avoid the hassle of buying a new dresser every several years, turn to handyman services for dresser assembly.

If you search the Internet for “contractor to assemble double dresser” you will rather come to the Fee4Bee platform. Here you can order a modern 3 drawer dresser assembly on the same day or you may book an assembly of a nursery dresser up in advance. 

Do not be afraid to ask different questions relative to your task. You can get answers on how to install a lock on a dresser drawer and if it is possible to install legs on the dresser. Dresser assembly companies start at around $30 an hour, while prices vary greatly between different taskers. Choose the performer that suits your needs best based on previous customers' reviews and prices for dresser assembling contractors.

Tips on how to assemble dresser drawers

Finally, let to offer you some tips that will help you not to make mistakes in choosing pieces of furniture for your home:

  1. Before you purchase your ready to assemble bedroom dresser, be sure to measure your space. You do not want to be surprised by a dresser that is too small or too big for your room. Take into consideration the floor plan of the room in order to determine what size you need. To answer how to assemble a dresser and mirror also, be sure to measure the height and width of the product.
  2. The most popular brands are those that related to no assembly required dresser products. But more reliable once is a dresser that ready to assemble by pros in your home. This way you can be assured that your furniture will comfortable for you and last for years.
  3. Buying a ready to assemble wood dresser can make the installing task easier.  A reputable dresser assembling company will include detailed assembly instructions with each piece of furniture. However, if you get stuck in how to assemble dresser drawers ask for help from assembly contractors.
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