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Muay Thai boxing classes - train with a good coach

Muay Thai boxing is a popular martial art that distinguishes its hard manner. Muay Thai also call “eight limbs fighting” so everything goes, kicks, knees, shins, fists, and elbows.

There are many different styles of Muay Thai martial arts spread in Canada such as Muay Mat, Muay Khao, or Thai boxing. So you won't have any problem finding a school that teaches exactly the Muay Thai training techniques that you want. 

Muay Thai has a tough training program that requires you to comply with the Muay Thai training regime all time. You will need to improve the skills of strength, endurance, and agility. So you will need a Muay Thai coach who will train you diligently, support you, and help you get to your goals.

Many sports clubs and local Muay Thai gyms have Thai boxing lessons and coaches. Search gyms in your area or google "Muay Thai classes near me". This can be a great way to get into a class. 

Another resource for learning more about cheap Muay Thai classes is to ask your friends and colleagues about their own personal experiences. Most individuals who have training for Muay Thai boxing are eager to share their stories with others.

If not, you can google "Thai boxing lessons near me" for a start. Among the results, you will see the Fee4Bee platform. Many local Thai boxing trainers at the gym won't be able to make personal Muay Thai classes but only those are scheduled on the regular training hours. So looking for a Thai boxing personal trainer through the Fee4Bee platform is a great alternative.

How to choose a Thai boxing class?

Choosing a Thai boxing coach is a big responsibility. Before you sign up for Thai boxing classes, make sure you check the qualifications of the instructor. A quality Muay Thai trainer will know how to get a beginner to learn Thai boxing. They will instruct various striking techniques such as hooks, jabs, Thai boxing kicks, and Thai boxing elbow, among other things.

They should know the ins and outs of the muay Thai martial arts training and have studied the techniques and strategies that help you go through Thai boxing fights. They can offer guidance and instruction on your Thai boxing workout and help you improve your Thai boxing skills.

The Muay Thai instructor must also have a good reputation in the community. This way you can be certain that they know what they are doing. With a good coach, you will get a lot of benefits on your Muay Thai boxing training : 

  • Teaching you to work on your skills, 
  • Coaching you in your preparation and conditioning; 
  • Instructing you in your diet;
  • Preparing your body and mind;
  • Helping you train for Thai fight boxing.
  • Discipline to work on your Muay Thai training workout.

You must consider their experience as well. Check out different instructors to find one that suits you and your level of training. You will be glad you did this when you see your progress. Your trainer's experience will play an important role in helping you get the skills, techniques, and strategies you need to be a good boxer.

The great thing about hiring an experienced Thai boxing coach is that you can ask him for advice and assistance in choosing Thai boxing equipment.

But don't forget that you will still have to do your own Thai boxing exercises at home if you want to become a full-fledged fighter. 

Muay Thai training for beginners

Some people need a high-intensity workout, while some others may only require a bit less than that. Usually, it consists of few parts, such as:

  1. Thai boxing fitness;
  2. Muay Thai strength training;
  3. The technique of boxing and Muay Thai.

Muay Thai weight training and cardio Thai boxing help to build strength and endurance. When you first start Muay Thai for beginners, it usually takes about 6 - 8 months of intense training for an average new trainee to reach the level where they could have enough endurance to fight. 

Qualifications and certification are not very important if you looking for Thai boxing for kids or Thai boxing for beginners. The instructor should help you to gain Thai boxing basics. The training program should be realistic enough for the trainee and at the same time challenging enough for them to advance a skill level.

When you find a Thai boxing coach you like you are ready in the process of learning. In this case, you can ask them to train you at personal Muay Thai training. This format will allow you to work on techniques that you do not succeed in or train at your own pace.

Advanced muay Thai training

If you are trying to choose a Thai boxing coach to train you for a competition, you will probably be more interested in finding one with years of experience in the art. You can go to the Fee4Bee and ask the chosen trainer for Thai boxing association membership or certifications. This will eliminate the possibility of hiring a layman as a coach.

Muay Thai online training

It might be tempting to sign up for online Muay Thai classes offered on the internet. It is possible to practice some exercises at home. The problem is that any martial arts, including Thai boxing, allow you to prove yourself only in combat. To do this, you need to practice with other people. As far as training in the ring is concerned, all these schools have been a small handful of experienced fighters who do basic training, strategy, and tactics. 

There are a lot of people who say that the best way to learn the techniques of Thai boxing is to go there and train with the actual masters, which is what most Thai students do. This is an excellent idea. However, it requires a lot of commitment, time, a highly qualified coach, and motivation.


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