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Vickie Auer

Vickie Auer

I will be happy to sit with your baby, I have a pedagogical education, so there are no problems in communicating with children.

  • Domestic services
CAD $20/hr
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1 reviews
Marilyn Eddington

Marilyn Eddington

  • Domestic services
CAD $15/hr
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4 reviews
Abigail Watson

Abigail Watson

  • Domestic services
CAD $13/hr
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How does babysitting help you?

Most states have laws against leaving children with someone who does not have enough time to spend with them. That is why professional babysitting services are so popular in Canada. Here is how to hire a nanny or babysitting, how much they will charge you, and how to find the best babysitting service for your kids.

Looking for babysitting help can be very stressful. When you go through the process of babysitting hiring, you should take all of the time necessary to select the best possible person. The right babysitter will make sure the kids are safe while you are gone, as well as giving you the peace of mind that your kids are in the hands of an experienced and responsible nanny. 

Hiring babysitting nanny services

When choosing a babysitter, it is important to ask about candidates’ skills and rates. It can turn to the difficult task to find a local nanny but will help you stay calm about your children’s safety.

You can start searching “in-home babysitting services near me” or “babysitting at home near me” to make the first research. Or you can don’t waste your time and go directly to the Fee4Bee hiring marketplace. Here you get assess to the full list of nannies in your city. 

To choose the right person for your babysitting babies jobs, you can follow these tips:

  1. While you are interviewing candidates for nanny and babysitting jobs ask them how many children they have babysat, and what services they provide. You should also ask about the babysitting tricks they would provide for your children.
  2. It is best to choose a babysitter who has some experience with your specific needs for instance babysitting a baby that won’t stop crying. It can be very helpful to sit down with the temporary babysitting nanny before making your decision to ensure she has the babysitting experience you are looking for.
  3. The more you are aware, the better it is for your child's safety. Make sure that you know what to do if something is wrong with the babysitter or if the child's needs are not being met. For the first time better if you call the babysitter or check your nanny's evening babysitting jobs in other available ways. 
  4. You should also show the home and yard of the person who will be caring for your children while you are away. 

Types of child nanny services in Canada 

Some babysitters will offer to pick up your children at their home, kindergarten-like, and others will come to you for babysitting at home. The home should be safe and free of dangerous items that could harm your child or those of others. The people who will be watching your child should be properly licensed and properly qualified for the babysitting jobs in your area.

If you are considering only in-home nanny services, then the following options are available to you:

  • Hourly-rated babysitter - nanny can come to you every day for evening babysitting. It is important to find a babysitter who lives within a reasonable distance from your home. This will help to ensure that she can come whenever you have babysitting needed.
  • All-day babysitting - such a nanny can pick up your children from school, watching them until the evening, feed them and help with their homework.
  • Overnight babysitting - if you are invited to a party that you would like to go to without children, you can find an event babysitting. In that case, you should make sure that the person who comes to watch your children is actually who she says she is.
  • Vacation babysitting. During vacations and trips, children are often tired and require a lot of attention. To make sure your holidays go well for everyone, you can get a nanny with you for your vacation.
  • Live-in nanny this option will be the least stressful for you and your child since it is much easier to be calm with a person you know well and can rely on. She has constant access to all your belongings, so it is important to find a live-in nanny who is responsible and will take care of your children.

Babysitting rates

One of the main things you should consider before you decide to hire someone for your children are babysitting services prices and which skills you want the nanny has? You may have to pay a slightly higher rate if you need the holiday babysitting that usually provides for more than one day, but your kids will always be cared for. 

If you are only going to hire short-term babysitting for the afternoon and evening, you can usually get the babysitting prices for less than $20 per hour.

The next thing you want to do is comparing in-home babysitting rates in your area. On the Fee4Bee, there are many performers that provide babysitting day services so you can narrow your list down by contacting them. 

Once you find the babysitting profile of the nanny who offers a variety of options from the number of children to their age for instance babysitting a one-year-old, you can contact her to pinpoint some information. Ask her about any special offers she may have such as holiday babysitting, babysitting a defiant child, or having a babysitting certification. Such questions will help you get the most appropriate daily rate for babysitting.

It is also imperative that your babysitter understand your expectations, such as how many children will be in the home at one time. Since babysitting a threenager is a much more difficult task and your babysitting expenses are growing up.

In most regions, there are a lot of qualified babysitters available to provide 24/7 babysitting services. You may be required to pay an additional fee for a babysitting license, otherwise, you can always offer cash babysitting jobs for some temporary nanny.

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