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Need help with yard work? Hire a local gardener!

You can consider yard maintenance work something simple, but equally until you see a complete list of yard work jobs. In fact, doing yard work will require you to be in good health, as gardening often involves prolonged physical work and exposure to the midday sun or cold in the morning.

Of course, you can try DIY yard work using different hacks if you are looking for how to reduce yard work. But keep in mind that if you want a beautiful lawn and backyard, you will have to spend a lot of time working on it.

At the same time if you’re an owner of a huge garden and you want to make it special you need to look for private gardeners and yard work contractors.

The good news is that landscaping and yard work in Canada is most often standardized. So you do not need to spend a lot of time finding a freelance yard work tasker who has enough experience and equipment to help you with your lawn and garden. 

Tools needed for yard work

To make simple maintenance yard work tasks you need to have the following basic yard work list of tools:

  • Garden rake - an effective tool for fall yard work and leaf removal. It can also be used for weeding if you decide to start a small garden in your plot.
  • Garden shovel - the most basic tool in the hands of any yard worker. Using a garden shovel, you can transplant plants, dig trees, or arrange a small flower bed.
  • Garden broom - an ordinary broom made of tougher materials to yard work clean up.
  • Garden gloves - allow you to protect yourself not only from dirt and dust but also from minor damage or thorns of plants in summer yard work.
  • Garden ladder - is an indispensable tool, given the need to cut trees at different heights in spring yard work.
  • Gardening scissors (pruning shears) - another indispensable tool in cutting trees and bushes. Significantly coarser than standard scissors.

Being a homeowner you need to make sure that this minimum set of tools that you have. Of course, it is just a minimum list of primitive tools and you might need more complicated hardware for specific jobs in your garden. 

There are some types of yard work that are difficult to complete without some of the expensive and complex tools that yard work services usually have. This saves you from having to purchase expensive yard work tools such as:

  1. A lawnmower - necessary for mowing the lawn. If this is not done periodically, most likely the new grass will grow weakly and mice will settle in the tall grass.
  2. A trimmer is also used for lawn mowing. An alternative to a lawnmower, a more mobile device that allows you to mow grass in hard-to-reach areas. It is convenient to use when there are trees and shrubs on the plot.
  3. A snowblower - helps to keep your yard tidy in winter when there is a lot of snow. Winter yard work differs from other work at the yard and is often provided by separate contractors.
  4. A leaf blower blows out a strong stream of air that scatters leaves and the remains of grass, allowing you to clean the necessary areas. It is a more gentle leaf picking tool than a garden rake. Due to the absence of sharp thorns, it does not damage vegetation and roots.
  5. A yard sprinkler is an essential yard watering system that you can hardly keep your lawn green without. It is installed by professional contractors and needs seasonal maintenance.
  6. An electric chainsaw and log splitter are devices used for chopping logs. They help you get rid of dry wood after tree pruning.

A Good handyman yard work usually has all these tools to provide you better service in short term. 

Hiring a yard work handyman services

When you looking for someone to do yard work you want to enhance the look of the home and improve curb appeal as well. However, working in the yard can be very time-consuming, especially when you do it yourself. For that reason, many people hire yard work maintenance services to do it.

When you look on the list of yard work chores it may seem quite expensive to hire a gardener. Fortunately, the Fee4Bee hiring platform gives you the option to have yard maintenance done, but still for affordable yard work prices

Browse "yard work help near me" and you will see local companies and a Fee4Bee website among the results. This hiring marketplace you can use every time yard work needed, and it generally offers great services for people who need a person for yard work once or on a seasonal basis.

The average cost of yard work

The pricing for gardening and yard work jobs will depend on what type of yard work you need to be done, what area you live in, and what time of year it is. Some lawn care prices are based on hourly labor rates than other yard work quotes may depend on the complexity of the terrain of the plot and on the size of the garden.

But you should remember with any service business, the cheapest isn't always the best. So you would better choose a person to work in the yard based on the reviews from his clients and the Fee4Bee rating.

In conclusion, we want to say that your yard and garden can be either an object of pride or an eternal problem, and this directly depends on the yard work helper who looks after it.

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