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What is contactless delivery and how to operate it?

Contact-free delivery is the new and revolutionizing way that goods get delivered over short distances. It gained particular popularity with the start of the 2019 pandemic. Last two years, contactless delivery services have become one of the most popular means for getting packages to your home or business since they don't require the courier to contact the customer straightly. 

How does no contact delivery work

With so-called zero contact delivery, you pay for your purchases or orders online. The courier picks them up from the designated place and brings them to your door. After that, he notifies you of the delivery and leaves, for you can your contactless delivery grab.

There are a number of modern requirements for contactless couriers:

  • The ability to receive the payment through a smooth payment system;
  • Sanitizing of equipment, packaging materials, and vehicles;
  • Health screening and proper self-protection;
  • Build trust with the client.

The technology that is used for these kinds of services reduces the time spent during this process and makes it possible to bring products home more quickly. There are different types of carriers to use and different technologies to use as well. Drivers also need to ensure they have all the required equipment to contact a customer.

What can you get with non-contact delivery?

Usually, people use safety arguments when deciding which of the many companies on the market choose for their contactless delivery.

Since this type of service is so easy to use you can send and receive your mail from anywhere that has an internet connection. However, this can be inconvenient for businesses that need to move loads. But when it comes to small and quick packages like contactless delivery food it becomes priceless. Many people also use this type of delivery for their correspondence because they're more convenient. 

Courier services can be useful to help you deliver your package safely and securely. Some of them are better than others and you should think about the cost and quality that you get as well as the security measures that you use. 

How to hire no contact delivery?

You should resort to your best judgment when choosing a company, especially for no-contact food delivery. Check the restaurant first and may they have such service. If not, you can easily find a delivery agent for your task at the Fee4Bee hiring platform. You can view the users’ testimonials to make your choice. 

But how do you know that you are getting the best cost for your contactless order? You may want to compare the contactless delivery quotes on the internet. Browse “contactless delivery near me” and you will see a lot of local offers from different websites. Or you can also compare the prices of different performers at Fee4Bee.

On the Fee4Bee platform, the payment system is implemented in such a way that the fee amount is withdrawn from your account, but is sent to the performer only after the task is completed.

Since this type of service is so easy to use you can send and receive your parcel from anywhere that has an internet connection.


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