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Juliia Melnyk
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Juliia Melnyk

10 years of experience, manicure of any complexity in my salon or at your home. Pedicure. Make-up.

July Salon

  • Massage
  • Nail care
  • Cosmetology
  • Eyelash care
  • Eyebrow care
  • Hairdressing services
  • Depilation
  • Makeup artist services
  • Makeup
  • Psychologist
  • Nutritionist
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Nicolas Kunde
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Nicolas Kunde

  • Cosmetology
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Jacqueline Rowe
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Jacqueline Rowe

  • Cosmetology
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What is cosmetology all about?

When you start to learn about beauty you will definitely come to cosmetology. This field studies health and beauty and their coinfluence. A certified beautician will assess your condition and recommend the best products and treatments for your skin's health and appearance.

Everyone wants to be beautiful. Nowadays, there are many ways to improve your appearance by treating your skin, hair nails, and makeup. Esthetician cosmetology includes numerous masks, massages, oxygenating therapies, baths, body wraps, sugar and salt scrubs, and makeup.

What services can a cosmetologist perform?

Cosmetologists can work in beauty salons, spa salons, lease a parlor, or provide beautician mobile services. Estheticians at home are not always equipped with all the apparatuses and devices. However, a professional beautician knows how to provide all the necessary services for his clients:

  • Esthetician skin care includes electrotherapy, oxygenation of the skin, lymph draining massages, body wraps, and many others;
  • Nail esthetician is involved in improving the condition of fingernails, toenails, cuticles, manicure, and pedicure;
  • Makeup beauty esthetician will help you if you want to develop your everyday makeup or apply makeup for a special occasion;
  • Haircare - different types of hair have their own features. When impacting them, it is worth considering the colors, softness, splendor to choose how to cut them.

How to hire a cosmetologist in Canada? 

How to choose a beautician in Canada can seem overwhelming at times. To make your research you can browse on the internet “cosmetology near me”. You will be surprised how many options there are to take care of your appearance. With such a wide choice of skincare and cosmetology in Canada, it is hard to choose one.

You need to know exactly what services you need. On the Fee4Bee you can find a certified esthetician who will advise you on the necessary procedures and will be able to provide them professionally. You can also ask questions and observe the cosmetology review to learn about their working as an esthetician. This will help you make an informed decision. 

Choosing the right beautician will help you explore everything you need to improve your appearance. You will learn about your makeup, hair, and nails and how to keep them healthy and beautiful. 

What to look for when choosing cosmetology professionals:

  1. Cosmetology license. Not in every state of Canada beauticians need to be licensed, in some, it is enough to graduate from the Canadian beauty school. However, the more experienced your cosmetologist is the more relaxing you are while attending the procedure
  2. Make sure you are able to choose from many different types of beauty products, including hair and nail products, and spa treatments.
  3. Try to get as much cosmetology information as possible about the procedures performed by the cosmetology salon. Some of them require special assignments, while others can be carried out frequently on demand.

License cosmetology procedures cost

You will probably be surprised at the range of prices for cosmetology services in Canada. However, you'll be pleased you did your research. 

Different areas of the country charge different prices for their makeup cosmetology. This can make it difficult to decide which price is good since each area is different. 

In most cases, though, you can find the general prices for various services in cosmetology. The average prices for cosmetology procedures in Canada are:


CAD $35-85;

nail care technician

CAD $25-50;

esthetician hair removal

CAD $22-68;

facial esthetician

CAD $80-110.

massage and body care

CAD $90-170

These prices are not necessarily always accurate, so you will need to look at other factors, such as the type of service, the specific service, and other fees associated with it.

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