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Pet care boarding in Canada and additional services

Most homeowners have pets. And it is not always possible to take them with you on vacation. If you have no one to leave your pet with, then this is not a reason to refuse a trip you planned for a long time. You can easily find someone who loves animals and is willing to look after them while you are on vacation or on a business trip.

If you are looking for great pet boarding places while traveling, then you are probably interested in pet boarding services. This article will explain how this type of service works and what your need to do to boarding a pet comfortable and healthy.

There are a few basic options for how you can board pets:

  • In-home pet boarding. You hire a pet sitter who will take your pet home and watch it when you are away and have everything that is needed to care for animals. They will feed them and give them water, keep in order their litter boxes and sleeping places, and also go for a walk if necessary. 
  • Pet boarding kennels. Your pet will get a place to sleep and eat. During the day, it will be in a common aviary with other animals. This is a good socializing experience, but if your pet is stressed by this then it may be better to consider boarding in an animal hotel.
  • Pet hotels animal boarding. If the kennel pet is a place where all animals are kept together, then by searching for a "pets hotel near me" you can find separate accommodations for cats and dogs. For an additional fee, you will receive luxury pet boarding with a hotel room for your pets.
  • Pet vet boarding in the animal hospital. Such pet care boarding is well suited for pets with health problems, as they will be watching by vets. Most often, such an option is used for animals recovering from treatment, but some pet hospitals will board your animals while you are away.

You will need to bring everything your pet needs while you are away - food supplies, medicine, bedding, and toys. Some of these options are suitable for long-term pet boarding and some are better for pet daycare. Anyway, you will have to do some research if you want your pet to stay healthy and happy.

How to find the best pet boarding near me?

First, you should decide if you want your pet to have its own room or if you would like it to share one room with another animal. You will need to decide if your pet needs grooming while boarding or other special services. For a small animal that does not need a lot of space, you may consider a small pet boarding kennel crate. Keep in mind, however, that your pet will not be allowed out of the crate without your permission. Pet boarding at home is better suited for animals that usually do not leave your house and are stressed when meeting strangers.

To choose the best option for pet daycare and boarding you can visit the Fee4Bee website. On the platform, you will find a pet boarding that is close to you. Explore the different pet sittings in your city to decide which one is best for you:

  1. Consider the location of the pet hotel. Make sure that the location is safe and you are comfortable getting there with your pet. 
  2. After determining the location of pet lodging facilities, you should begin researching their requirements and terms. 
  3. Make sure that the hotel you choose offers ample amenities like water, heating, walking space, and that it has adequate staff.
  4. Most boardings require that you bring your pet a complete set of pet supplies but you will want to make sure your pet's bed and dishes are clean thoroughly to avoid germs.
  5. You may also look at additional benefits that the boarding offers. Some pet boarding kennels offer pet grooming and training, although these services may not be included in the pet hotel cost.

Once you have decided on a good pet overnight boarding the next step is to prepare your pet properly to acclimate to its new environment. In some cases, overnight pet boarding staff will examine the animal. If it has any traces of disease, is very noisy (barking constantly), or is aggressive, you may be refused boarding.

When can the pet boarding service refuse you?

All pet lodgings have a list of mandatory and desirable terms for boarding pets. Some of them may refuse to settle your pet. This usually does not happen with quiet and healthy animals, but it is better to check:

  • No fleas;
  • No bacterial and skin diseases;
  • All the necessary vaccinations are done (against rabies, chlamydia, etc.)
  • Spaying;
  • No stress in an unfamiliar environment;
  • No fear of other animals;
  • No aggressive behavior.

How much is a pet boarding?

Taking your pet to the ideal boarding place can ensure that they enjoy the experience. There are a wide variety of boarding pet services available to choose from, depending upon the needs of the pets, age, breed, and duration of stay. And they all have different boarding pet prices.

Pet vet hospitals will have the highest pet boarding rates. Since often their guests have to give medicine or inject insulin, the responsibility for their maintenance will be higher, as will the price. Expect to pay up to CAD $60 per day if you want to leave your pet in the hospital watching by vets.

Pet boarding and training facilities may offer you a lover price and few options also. If you want your pet to be placed in the common awairy that means the staff will spend less time watching it. This option is the best if you have multiple pets in a family and they use to be in a big company. In such cases, the price will vary from CAD $25-30 per day. If you want additional pet boarding and training to keep your pet active and happy be ready to pay some more, on average CAD $30-40. 

Usually a pet boarding business doesn't assume the staff stay with the animals at night. If you search “pet hotel near me” you agree your pet will stay without watching at night. Otherway, an in-home boarding is available. It is especially necessary for little ones, puppies and kittens. You can find a reliable person who will take your pet home. Then, in-house pet boarding cost per day is ususally not more then CAD $30. 

A less obvious factor that can affect the cost of pet boarding in Canada is the season of the year in which the service is offered. Remember that during the vacation season, all boardings may be full and you will have to bid a higher price.


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