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Wallpaper hanging - why hire a wallpaper installer?

Installing wallpaper is a very popular process, and a lot of people who are good with their hands also know how to do it. Wallpapering is a versatile technique of finishing that can be used to implement a huge number of wallpaper decoration ideas.

The progress in the field of renovation allows applying wallpaper on the wall not only for decorative purposes. It helps to improve the soundproofing of the room, retain heat, vinyl wallpaper can be washed, and hanging self-adhesive wallpaper lets you re-glued it to another surface then.

Frequently the best wallpaper design for a wall comes from a mix of different methods, such as a combination of plain wallpaper with patterned wallpaper or mural.

In modern renovation design, several solutions of how to hang wallpaper are widely used:

  1. Hanging beadboard wallpaper gives the surface a classic look of beadboard wainscoting without the need for expensive panels. The most complicated in this process is straight edge wallpaper cutting. Since the beadboard wallpaper is thicker than others, you may want to make wallpaper trim with a flat rail.
  2. Vinyl wallpapers. You should know exactly how to hang vinyl wallpaper otherwise contact a professional. The fact is that paper-based vinyl wallpaper is heavy and dries up a lot, so the process requires advanced wallpaper sizing.
  3. The cork wallpaper is natural and environmentally friendly. It has high levels of sound and thermal insulation. When thinking about how to hang cork wallpaper, keep in mind that it requires careful preparation of the surface, otherwise, the expensive material will soon begin to peel off.
  4. A mural wallpaper. In considering how to hang a mural wallpaper the main point is the location of one. Don't expect a giant easy hang wallpaper mural. You will have to perfectly align the wall for the mural wallpaper installation and carefully adjust the pattern for good results.
  5. Hanging wallpaper on the ceiling helps to hide its irregularities and defects. For the ceiling, you better select lightweight wallpapers that can be painted. 

Tools needed to hang wallpaper

After you stop on some wallpaper decorating ideas you should attend to the process itself. In order to make perfect wallpaper and avoid loose seams in the future, peeling the wallpaper from the walls, spots, and mold, you need to know exactly what you are doing. If you decide DIY wallpaper then you will need the following tools:

  • Wallpaper rolls;
  • Wallpaper glue;
  • Brush or roller;
  • Snap-off blade;
  • Level;
  • Tape Measure;
  • Sponge;
  • Ladder;

The main reason for the appearance of defects after putting up wallpaper is the incompetence of the performer. If you feel any difficulties in doing it by yourself, turn to the Fee4bee, where many professional wallpaper installers are always ready to help you.

The cost to hang wallpaper

High-quality wallpaper is quite expensive, so you hardly want it to be glued sloppily. An experienced wallpaper hanger will not only help you with the wallpaper application but also tell you how to wallpaper a room in such a way that it serves as long as possible.

Generally, handymen charge a cost per hour to hang wallpaper, but some of them may also get wallpaper hanging cost per roll. You would better ask about it in advance, then you can calculate which price to hang wallpaper will be the most profitable for you. On the Fee4bee platform, you can ask the contractors about their rates, their skills, and the tools they use.

Hanging wallpaper tips

Before hanging wallpaper on a feature wall, you should prepare it. To do this, you need to align the surface as much as possible and clean it from dust. Then it is necessary to treat the surface with a special primer and dry it completely.

Accurately measure the required wallpaper size, otherwise, the finished work will look sloppy. Even with perfect measurement, it's always better to have a spare wallpaper roll.

It is important not only how to put up wallpaper, but also what wallpaper to attach in a particular room. Wallpaper for walls have different properties and lay down differently. Traditional wallpaper can absorb odors, so it is poorly suited for the kitchen but is good wallpaper for room walls. Thick wallpaper is well suited for rooms with high humidity and temperature drops and it is good for hanging wallpaper around a fireplace

The glue is used to bond the wallpaper to a surface. There is a particular type of glue that is best for every type of wallpaper you are trying to hang. When buying wallpaper, consider which glue you should use. 

Some wallpaper requires the application of the adhesive on it and for another, it is better to apply glue to the wall first, like when horizontal wallpaper hanging. It is also better to find out in advance how to hang prepasted wallpaper if you use ones. 

The main reason to think of how to apply prepasted wallpaper is if you don't want to deal with the mess of gluing wallpaper.

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