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300 sq. m. office - design project needed

    map icoCalgary AB, Canada
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    Task description:
    We're mooving to a new office, the room is completely empty and ready for renovation. We need a designer who will take on the visualization, measurements and work with our renovation contractors.
    Project date
    September 7, 2021, 09:00
    Project type
    One-off project
    Kristopher Hackett
    300 sq. m. office - design project needed
    It was really easy to work with Cary, it is clear that a person knows what they need. Hope you'll enjoy your new office!
    Maureen Rath
    Small apartment renovation project
    Everything is fine, I will be glad to cooperate again. Also I am very pleased that you liked the design
    Jackie Daugherty
    We want to change the color of the walls in the office
    Nice customer. Thank you.
    Jose Jast
    Open space design 200 sq. meters
    Good client, it's nice that she listens to all the recommendations
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