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Sport nutritionist needed

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    map icoToronto OT, Canada
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    Task description:
    I visit gym for a long time but can't remove my waist for this I am looking for a sports nutritionist who can help with my problem
    Project date
    September 21, 2021, 16:00
    Project type
    One-off project
    Janet Goyette
    Sport nutritionist needed
    Really pleasant woman. Hope you will achieve your goals and your body will be even more perfect than now!
    Christine Johnston
    Want to loose some weight
    Thank you for your visit. good luck in achieving your goal!
    Wilson Zboncak
    I want somebody to help me with my diet
    Nice, polite customer, I recommend
    Kelli Waters
    Can't lose weight
    Thank you for your visit, hope you'll achieve your goals
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