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I would like to lose some weight

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    map icoCalgary AB, Canada
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    Task description:
    I would like to lose some weight and work out my abdominal muscles. I need a personal trainer who will help me with the composition of nutrition and workouts
    Project date
    October 28, 2021, 16:00
    Project type
    One-off project
    Steven O'Connell
    MMA coach for my son
    We did a great job, I'm waiting for more! Hope you enjoy the training!
    Ron Lindgren
    Looking for a crossfit trainer
    We trained well, come again :P
    Bob Lesch
    I would like to lose some weight
    I wish you to achieve your goals with your abdominal muscles! :P
    Fredrick Wisozk
    Can't gain muscle mass
    Quite a difficult client, I told him that he cannot gain weight by training alone, he has to eat and follow the daily routine, but it seems to me that he did not hear me.
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