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Sew an evening dress

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    map icoCalgary AB, Canada
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    Task description:
    The daughter is getting married. I want to look stunning! I need someone who can sew the most luxurious dress for such an occasion!
    Project date
    November 8, 2021, 14:00
    Project type
    One-off project
    Johnny Nikolaus
    Need to alter the suit
    Thank you, I hope you hang out well at your sister's wedding and there will be no problems with the suit
    Yvonne Ullrich
    Spiderman dog costume
    I think the result is great, I hope you and your dog think the same! :P
    Dennis Pfeffer
    Sew an evening dress
    Hard work with a brilliant result. Hope you enjoyed your new dress!
    Al Quitzon
    Shorten pants / jeans 3 pcs.
    Thank you Keith, it was a great pleasure to work with you. Hope to see you soon.
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