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Need a yoga coach

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    map icoCalgary AB, Canada
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    Task description:
    The yoga studio I attended was closed. I am looking for a new yoga mentor. Please, when making your offer, immediately indicate the location of the studio and the opening hours
    Project date
    November 15, 2021, 19:00
    Project type
    One-off project
    Kathy O'Connell
    I want to overcome chronic stress with the help of yoga
    Jessie is lovely woman, hope to have some more yoga lessons again
    Ramon Lakin
    I am looking for a personal yoga trainer
    Jessie is a very nice girl, hope you enjoyed our yoga lesson
    Sidney Champlin
    Regular yoga lessons
    Nice client, hope to see you again
    Carroll Gottlieb
    Need a yoga coach
    Welcome to the family
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