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Washing and ironing clothes is an integral part of everyday life. It gives us the chance to look our best in front of friends and family. Before ironing, it is important to know how.

Always remove your jacket stays from your coat before washing and ironing them. Wearing a jacket keeps your arms warm. Ironing your jacket stays helps to keep the coat clean and also allows you to easily adjust your coat to the correct size. If your jacket is too long, just adjust the length of your pants so they fit you properly.

Never try to iron a shirt that has buttons. The buttons can become permanently damaged and lose their shape over time. A buttonless shirt will look unkempt and untidy. If your shirt buttons are dirty, don't scrub them, instead place a clean dry towel over the top and press down. Make sure you press hard so that all the dirt gets absorbed into the shirt.

If your shirts are dirty, do not wash them in a washing machine. The dryer can cause damage. It is best to hang them to dry at room temperature. If they are hung at a high temperature, they can turn into a dusty ball of mud very quickly.

Cotton fabrics are best washed in a cold water cycle. This way, the fibers will have less time to become damaged. Washing in the machine will leave you with a damaged fabric.

When ironing, make sure that you turn the corner with the grain of your cloth. This is best for light-colored fabric. If the iron is straight, then it can cause a streak. For lighter fabrics, turn the corner with the grains perpendicular to the grain. This way the iron can penetrate into the fabric deeper.

While ironing on the wrong side, you may get a streak from your iron. Do not worry about this; just iron again. until you get a smooth finish. You should take your time and make sure you don't rush through ironing because it can cause uneven results.

When washing and ironing in hot water, never use abrasive detergents. These can cause permanent discoloration. Instead, use mild dish soap and gentle detergent to wash the iron. The detergent can help remove stains from your iron as well.

Always iron clean, dry, and wrinkle-free clothes. If you have wrinkles, then don't iron. Wrinkles are caused by ironing on top of crease marks.

When it comes to ironing pants, make sure you turn your iron on the wrong side. If you turn the iron on the right side, you might end up with wrinkles.

You can also iron your t-shirts. However, make sure that you turn the iron on the wrong side when ironing the long legs and sleeves. Otherwise, it can cause unevenness on the t-shirt.

In the case of skirts, you can iron them when they are still damp. and while they are still hanging to dry in the dryer. This will help prevent wrinkles on the hemline.

The best thing you can do for your t-shirt and a long skirt is always washed and ironed at the same time. If you wash them together, the ironing process is less affected by gravity.

Another tip you can use is to use the iron with the other hand while you are cleaning the other part of your clothes. Doing this will help prevent unevenly ironed pieces of clothing.

Don't forget to let the iron dry before you put your clothes back into the dryer. This will help prevent your clothes from becoming wrinkled and will prevent ironing marks from your iron's surface.

When you want to iron a skirt, always remember to flip the iron over when you are washing your other clothes. to give it a smooth finish. After you are done ironing your dress, try to iron your shoes.

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