How much do yoga instructors make in Canada? The profession’s potential

The question of how much yoga teachers make in Canada is often asked by those considering a career in yoga. There are many factors that determine the yoga classes fee. The instructor's income may vary depending on their expertise and marketing skills, location and class styles. While some yoga teachers may have extensive experience and have been trained for years, others may only have completed a 200-hour workshop.

Yoga teacher earning potential

Yoga instructor salary in Canada

If you're an instructor of yoga in Canada, you should know that the average earnings of this profession are about $53,000 Canadian dollars per year. Half of all instructors earn less than this amount, while some of them earn more. Beginners should expect to earn around CAD $35,000 a year. The median represents the middle point, and you'd like to be on the right side of that graph.

Years of experience

Average earning

beginner (200-hrs course graduated)

CAD $ 15-23 per hour

1-3 years of teaching

CAD $ 27-35 per hour

5-7 years 

CAD $ 45-60 per hour

+10 years guru

CAD $ 70-100 per hour

Indirect earnings

Yoga instructor earnings

You can also take your passion for yoga to the next level and start selling yoga products or organizing outdoor yoga retreats. This option requires long-term planning and wide audience reach. Once you have identified a niche, you'll be able to build your yoga business step by step. For example, the industry for online yoga courses is over $100 billion per year.

One way to reach your audience as a yoga instructor is to write articles for magazines, blogs on social media, and other online publications. Although many of these posts don't pay much, blogging is a great way to build your community and make your own brand.

Of course, it's best to have your own website so you can promote your yoga studio and increase your income. But, typically, it is quite costly to promote your own website so you may start to gain your audience via social media and find your clients on Fee4Bee.

Find your yoga specialization

Yoga instructor specialization

Yoga is a popular discipline, with an estimated one in five Canadians practicing it. This number is even higher for people between the ages of 18 and 34. According to recent studies, yoga practice has health benefits. It has been linked to a lower cholesterol level and a reduction of stress and anxiety. In Canada, there are about 2,000 certified yoga instructors registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. 

When you already decide to build a full-time career, you should keep in mind that specialization can greatly increase the hourly rate for yoga instructors. Demand for yoga couches is increasing as more people pursue it as an activity. However, professional competition remains high.

Even if a 200-hour program seems great, it doesn't make enough. A good teacher goes beyond this. You can learn all about yoga progressions, contraindications as well as modifications; find yoga poses, teaching methods and learning styles. It is all-important. You must continue to educate yourself and learn how to modify your practice.

In addition to already-known Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga and other styles, there are other specialized classes gain their popularity. They are 

  1. Yoga for seniors. Most often chair yoga for seniors comes to mind. This type of yoga features a lower impact on joints that allows people with weakened muscles to practice it.
  2. Prenatal yoga is an exercise program that promotes specific stretching and focuses on breathing which can be extremely important when delivery.
  3. Couples yoga, is some kind of sensual practice for couples that helps to increase communication, mutual trust and teaches teamwork.
  4. Therapeutic yoga is part of therapeutic treatment for various health conditions or diseases.

Many instructors choose to specialize in teaching kids, pregnant women, or seniors, but this choice depends on special skills and the personality of the instructor.


If you want to become a yoga instructor, you need to have business insurance. The training contains yoga exercises and you need to know how the human body works and how to use proper equipment. This activity is related to trauma and injury risks so your insurance must be extensive enough to cover such situations.

You should also have a proper education to know how to monitor the students' physical fitness levels, as well as design a class that meets students' needs for example, if you planning to work with pregnant women. 

Other factors that affect your yoga classes cost

factors that affects yoga classes cost

The yoga teacher's hourly rate depends on several factors, including the years of experience and geographical location. For instance, some provinces such as Ontario or British Columbia, have higher pay than others. 

Online classes

Many yoga instructors struggle to make a living while doing what they love. The industry is highly competitive and studio rents are high. Getting to the $400,000 mark in the yoga industry would require all cylinders to be firing and everything to be going your way, and this becomes extremely difficult in our turbulent times. In addition to public classes, yoga instructors can also offer private yoga lessons and online classes. 


Youtube vlogs and similar podcasts are effective ways for yoga instructors to gain exposure, build a following, and promote their business. It is also a great way to generate a steady stream of income if you planning to cooperate with yoga product sellers. They can also generate income through indirect methods. Some popular strategies include: 

  • accumulating auditory to attract new students;
  • offering commercials in shows directly to listeners; 
  • granting exclusive access to paying members; 
  • expanding your yoga brand to a new business model. 

If you're serious about podcasting, you need to ensure you have a consistent production schedule. If people like your first episode, they're likely to watch all of your further episodes. Also, you need to keep promoting your podcast regularly. If you can consistently produce quality content, you can expect to increase your viewers and earn more.

A network of yoga studios, yoga resorts within Canada, yoga-themed tourism, yoga products manufacturing or the establishment of a yoga school for instructors all are ways to develop your business so the main thing you should do is keep moving.

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