How to start babysitting

how to start babysitting?


  1. Babysitting qualities for resume
  2. What to ask parents before babysitting?
  3. How to get a babysitting job?
  4. Babysitting - how much to charge?
  5. How do you get a babysitting license?

Today, more families are getting their kids a sitter. Parents who are very busy and yet cannot spend enough time at home taking care of their children, usually resort to babysitting services

The question of how to start a babysitting business does not require huge capital but it still needs some preparatory work and a sound business plan to get started with legitimate babysitting jobs. In this post, we will consider how to start babysitting with no experience, what qualities and skills do you need, and how to organize the workflow properly.

Babysitting tasks may seem simple, but it is only at the first glance. If you are thinking about how to start a babysitting service you should think about whether you can cope with children if something goes wrong? Kids are different - some of them are mischievous and daring, some whine and ask their mother, so the first thing you need is poise and strong emotional intelligence.

babysitting requirements

1# advice: 

Start by researching the requirements of employers in your area. It's easy to do - read the ads “nanny needed”, try to put yourself in the shoes of a family inviting a babysitter. You can call any recruiting agency and ask directly about the skills needed for babysitting. Then, when you understand what responsibility lies with you, you will be ready to answer if you really want to be a nanny.


Babysitting qualities for resume

babysitter resume

When you decide that you really want to work in the field of childcare, you need to fill out a nanny resume, even if you are becoming a nanny with no experience. In addition to basic information about you, it may contain a set of qualities that you will need for work:

  1. Age. Search the internet, or inquire the agency, how old do you have to be to start babysitting? Babysitting age requirements may vary from city to state. And the first thing you should find out is at what age can you start babysitting? 
  2. Education and politeness. Children learn everything from adults, so none of the parents wants to leave their child with a person who “teaches him bad things”. You will have to demonstrate your manners. If you are offered to sit with a school-age child, you should be able to help him with school assignments.
  3. General ideas about baby feeding. In this case, we are talking not only about toddlers (real experience is needed here) but in general about what should or should not be given to children. For example, foods that contain sugar can cause a burst of activity after that you will never put the child to sleep.
  4. Knowledge of emergency services. Where to contact in case of emergencies - smoke or fire, allergies or choking - you must react immediately. There is no time to search the Internet for “what to do if ...” the child's health is the first.
  5. Patience. Disobedience, tantrums, and other surprises should be taken calmly by the nanny. Make sure you have strong nerves and endurance.

Aside from that, parents want also to inquire about the background of their babysitters before hiring them. So you can provide in advance the history of your moves, where you studied, recommendations from teachers or previous employers, describe your experience with siblings and other children if you have one.

What to ask parents before babysitting?

nanny questions about the baby

In turn, you should have some questions to ask parents about their child before babysitting. It is important to show interest not only in how many hours you need to work and what will be the pay, but also to learn about their expectations regarding the nanny and allay their fears:

  • Ask where are all the necessary children's stuff: clothes, dishes, toys, everything you need to fully spend a day with a child.
  • Ask the parents about the schedule at what time the child is used to eat, sleep, playing outside - interruptions in the usual schedule cause mood swings, which in the end will give you unnecessary trouble.
  • Find out what parents would like you to do with their baby. What is its character, what does the kid like to eat, what makes it calm? 
  • individual needs - not all children can be in the sun for a long time, ride on a swing, or sit on the floor. Ask the parents about the specify of the child to be sure to avoid illness or overwork.

2# advice: 

Taking an interest in a child's needs will help you convince your employers that you are passionate about children, really interested in the well-being and mood of the baby. It will also give you an idea of what daily joys and difficulties await you at work. Knowing this in advance will help you prepare and do your job better.


How to get a babysitting job?

When you are completely ready and have an idea of what a nanny job is, what nanny interview questions you have to go through, you can start looking for your first offers for nanny jobs in Canada. If you have no experience, you may be confused by how to get babysitting jobs.

Do not worry, there are several ways to find a nanny job that has already been tested by many specialists before you:

Ask around your friends. This is a great start if you have no previous experience. Friends can advise you a family with calm children, who will not cause a lot of trouble. In addition, a familiar person can put in a good word for you, and if you manage to get the first job, you will know who to contact for recommendations.

Offer child nanny services to the neighbors. You will agree that having a job nearby is much better than going far. You know well where you can take a child for a walk, and you can also come quickly if your urgent babysitting help is needed.

Walking around neighbors and asking everyone in person is very time-consuming. Therefore, you will have to think of how to advertise babysitting. Try to design brochures or flyers where include some information about yourself and put them into inboxes. If one of your neighbors calls you, you will benefit from the fact that the neighbors familiar with or have seen your family. You may even know the child with whom you will sit.

3# advice: 

Friends and neighbors are usually are agree to hire a nanny with no experience, since they know you by sight and most likely know your family members. With the help of friends and neighbors, you can gain the skills you need to get more babysitting jobs in the future.


how to get a babysitting job

Search the Google. The Internet is a fantastic place to find babysitting jobs. You can look for babysitting agencies, you can search for child care jobs in listings and local employing websites or you can post your own ad on hiring platforms like a Fee4Bee. 

There are a lot of places where to apply for babysitting jobs. Find the websites that are trusted to place your ad. After all, no one wants to look for a nanny for their child on an incomprehensible website where there are no reviews.

Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts fail. Finding a job can be difficult, but if you grab onto the first childcare and nanny jobs you are offered, you may find yourself in a very disadvantageous position. Then you will soon have to change your place of work, and an undesirable characteristic may appear in reviews and recommendations.

What to wear to a babysitting interview?

When you will be lucky to get a response, you should think about your behavior and clothes in the first meeting. To show that you are ready for serious work, you should dress comfortably - jeans, a T-shirt or sweater, and walking shoes are fine. Working with a child involves a lot of activity,  you can get dirty, so the less easily soiled and catchy your outfit will be, the better.

Bright makeup, dangling earrings and chains, and long nails are all unsuitable for babysitting. At the same time, children are more likely to be attracted to people they find beautiful so a completely inconspicuous image can harm you too.

How to say no to babysitting for friends?

Special attention should be paid to the situation when you have to refuse familiars with whose child you were sitting with and received good recommendations from them, but you do not want to return to deal with them again. How to decline a nanny job offer can be very difficult and can even ruin friendships as they are counting on you. But continuing to help them against your own interests is also a bad way.

First, accept the fact that this will be a tough conversation anyway. Try to tell them about your leaving as early as possible. It is not always necessary to explain the reason, but if you are asked about it, you can tell the truth in the mildest form. 

4# advice: 

If you are asked to stay, you should first think about yourself and your career. This will help you say a "firm no" to friends. Remember that overwork leads to a quick burnout, which means you will be less able to perform your duties, and as a result, everyone will be unhappy. If you value their friendship you may suggest a couple of recommendations for finding a new nanny.


Babysitting - how much to charge?

The next thing you have to figure out is what is a good price to charge for babysitting. This can be a daunting decision for a beginner. You may want to lower the price and thus get the job done for sure.

This is the wrong way that many nannies take when trying to inquire how much should a teenager charge for babysitting. By doing this, you show that your services are cheap, which usually means that you are not taking the task seriously. 

The second thing to consider is that price dumping always attracts stingy people who want you to do a lot for less. The main problem is that such employers are never happy with the result and are unlikely to give you a good review.

The average cost of a nanny can differ depending on the city or even the area in which you live. The number of children you stay with their age and the time spent with them will also affect the rate. 

So there is no universal formula for a nanny's charge but you can still build on some average prices for childcare services:



rate per hour

second child



CAD $13.5

CAD $18

CAD $26


CAD $13

CAD $16

CAD $22


CAD $7

CAD $9

CAD $14.7


CAD $14

CAD $17

CAD $25



To best determine the price you can charge for your babysitting service research the market. Look for other babysitters with similar skills and job desires, and check their rates.

Keep in mind that the more proof of your qualifications and experience, the better job you get and the higher fee you can ask for. Don't dwell on reviews and recommendations only, go through the babysitting course, try to get a license for babysitting at home

How do you get a babysitting license?

Obtaining a license can already be attributed as an investment in your profession since you spend time and money on getting a certificate. Make sure you're absolutely happy with this job. Check your local laws and requirements regarding childcare before you apply for babysitting courses in Canada. Some cities require certain background checks before you can be allowed to work as a babysitter. 

Getting a license for babysitting will allow you to more quickly gain the trust of your employers. The course will give you many useful tips on what to do with children, how to put a kid to sleep, how to feed them, how to act correctly in critical situations. These can be  various programs such as:

  1. Infant care classes;
  2. Nanny basic skills;
  3. Special needs babysitting;
  4. Babysitting first aid course, and others.

Most widespread and trustfully are Red Cross babysitting courses. But you can choose any other nanny course online in Canada that you find most suitable.

Aim to your goal

use fee4bee

If you like spending time with children, you can easily find a common language and can endear the child then babysitting can be a great opportunity for you both for a part-time and further full-time job.


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