Top signs it is time to start a bathroom renovation

how to plan a bathroom renovation
Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. It is the first place homeowners go to each morning. Bathrooms should be attractive, clean, and well-maintained. In house renovating, the bathroom is an essential point in order to keep the safety and functionality of your living space. If you notice the following signs of wearing or breakage, then it's time to plan a bathroom update.

  • Start to appear small problems. A leaking tap can be repaired by a local plumber. But when a lot of small problems accumulate, you no longer know which leak to plug. At first glance seem frivolous leaks of faucets or toilets, can sharply increase in serious flood, which will require a very large investment. 
  • The bathroom becomes no longer functional for your family. Let's say you have a baby in your family, you will definitely need more space in the bathroom and more storage. Or as you and your partner are getting older you finding it more difficult to get in the tub and out. Then you will need a bathroom that is more accessible.
  • The interior has outdated. A bathroom you don't love makes a depressing impression. Outdated designs can also affect usability due to mismatched accessories or fixtures. 
  • Lingering odours or mould infestation. Bathrooms that are lack ventilation are a common place for mould and moisture damage. These types of damage can not only be unattractive but also have the potential to cause serious health problems for your family.
  • Other damages - chipped tiles, peeling paint, water damage to the ceiling. All these are the things that you shouldn't put up. It's time to plan your bathroom renovation. 

How to plan for bathroom renovation?

One of the most important steps when planning a bathroom renovation is establishing a scope of work. The scope should clearly define the exact tasks that will be done, from demolishing the old bathroom to hanging new lamps. It should also include the work that will be required to connect the plumbing and paint the walls. 
The main stages for updating bathroom planning include

  1. Designing and functionality. To have a clear idea of how much to budget for bathroom renovation. You should make your plan before starting the renovation. Perhaps something will change in your layout when you see the cost and time that will need to be spent on it. By hiring a professional interior designer, you can not only get an adequate cost and time estimation of renovation but also improve the functionality of your bathroom.
  2. Dismantling. The renovation always starts with the removal of everything old and unnecessary. Dismantling old tiles, plaster, doors, mould treatment should be done as quickly as possible, especially if your family still stays in the house. At this stage, you need to already know how the electrical and plumbing systems will go through the bathroom.
  3. Materials. In the choosing and purchasing of materials, it is important to consider the size of the space available. Сonsider the layout of the bathroom before deciding on any specific materials or features. Not only their durability is important, but also their combination in quality and structure. For example, if you buy quality pipes, but cheap fittings, then all plumbing systems will be unreliable.
  4. Labour. A common mistake is that if you're able to do the work yourself, then you'll save a lot of money. In fact, inexperienced handymen often spoil the materials and have to start all over again. If the renovation is a full-scale project, you'll need to find qualified professionals to help you with this. There are many different aspects to renovating a bathroom, and factors can determine how many people you'll need to hire. For example, the tilling contractor will align the walls by himself.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Canada?

renovation cost in canada

You must determine a budget before you begin a renovation project. If you have a large renovation budget, it will be easier to make your plan come true. But you will probably want to do everything as cheaply as possible. There are things that you can save on and those that are better spent on.
For objective reasons, small bathroom renovation is cheaper. However, if your bathroom is small, you should plan for extra work, such as moving the toilet or changing the tub for a standing shower. This step will add a significant amount of time to the project. It is best to have a set budget, as unexpected costs may throw your project off track.
In order to find out what is the average cost of a bathroom renovation, you should get multiple quotes from several contractors. When it comes to pricing, the cheapest doesn't always mean the best. It can mean getting quality for your money. Remember that a contractor's estimate is only accurate if it has all of the information you need. You should invite the contractor to come and assess the space in person and provide detailed information.
Main costs await you in the following stages:

Item Action Cost
Demolition Dismantling bathtub, sink, old fixtures and appliances. Demolition of wall coverings, floor and ceiling CAD $450-780
Plumbing Replacement of pipes in the bathroom, installing the bathtub, sink and toilet, connecting the drain CAD $2,360 - 6400 (installing a new bathtub will increase costs)
Wiring Wiring and sockets installation CAD $325 - 830
tilling Shower cladding, flooring, tilling the walls CAD $1490 - 2950
Bathroom door installation Installation of platbands and door CAD $220 - 480
Accessories installation bathroom cabinets assembling, installation of toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, towel hooks, shelves, and mirror CAD $740 - 1260

Fee4Bee users' experience shows that on average Canadians spend between CAD $9,500 to $18,000 on full bathroom renovations. Due to the smaller space, this figure is lower for condo bathroom renovations and higher for houses. The cost of a completed renovation varies from CAD $750 to $1080 per sq. meter.

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