How to clean nail cuticles and why? 

The cuticle is the layer of skin that runs along the bottom of your toe or finger nails. This is called the nail bed. When new nails grow from the root, the cuticle protects them from damage and bacteria. The cuticle area is delicate. It can become dry, damaged, or infected. In order to strengthen your nails, you need to take care of your cuticles and keep them clean and moisturized. 

Three main ways on how to cut nail cuticles

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If you want perfectly manicured nails, you need to take care of your cuticles properly. Manicure is not only keeping the nail plate beautiful but also preventing cuticles from growing over the nail its peeling, and drying. The following tips can help you achieve this goal:

  1. Pushing the cuticle back - You can push the cuticle back with no cutting using a nail pusher or orangewood stick. These tools can be found in most beauty shops. Your cuticle is your natural barrier against germs and should be kept intact as much as possible. Instead of cutting, shape them after you get your hands out of the nail bath when your cuticles are still soft. You can trim any excess skin or hangnails with a pair of small, clean scissors. Be careful not to nick healthy skin.
  2. Cutting cuticle with nail tools - The first way in cleaning your nail cuticles is to make them soften by soaking them in warm water. Nail soak for cuticles is good for your cuticles and your hands if it contains essential oils and vitamins. To get soft and pliable cuticles, you can soak your nails in bath oil. The water should be lukewarm. Avoid using hot water, as it will shock your nail beds and cause them to peel. After soaking your nails for a few minutes, you should use a soap and nail brush to remove dirt that's under the nails. You can use orangewood sticks to push back nail cuticles. When you've soaked your nails, you can cut off excess dead skin and apply a hand cream to soften them and prevent future breakage.
  3. Applying cuticle remover - Another option how to fix nail cuticles is applying a cuticle remover. It contains alkali, which dissolves dead skin cells in the cuticle. It also contains mineral oils, that moisturize the skin and decrease the potency of cuticle growth. These chemicals can help break down the dead skin cells on your cuticles without causing mechanical trauma to your skin. 

Remover can be applied to your fingernails after washing them. After applying the cuticle remover, you should gently push the cuticles backward with the help of a cuticle stick. 

Are nail cuticles safe to be cut?

There is mixed evidence regarding the safety of cutting your cuticles. Some beauticians advise not to cut the cuticles at all. Your nails and the skin around them are protected from infection by having cuticles. It's much easier for germs and bacteria to penetrate the cuticle after it has been cut. This could lead to infection.
However, some nail technicians claim that excessive cuticles growth can cause cracking and drying. It helps polish last longer and goes on more smoothly, they claim. It is important to first soften the nails. Warm water can be used to soften your nails. 

Few tips on how can you avoid cuticle damage

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Most often, cuticle damage occurs due to drying out or mechanical damage. Thus your cuticles should be kept soft at home. This will prevent cracking and infection, which are the most serious things that could happen to your nails.

  • Avoid picking at the cuticle. Instead of picking at your dry nail cuticles or ripping off a hangnail, use a tweezer or clippers to carefully remove them.
  • It can be addictive to get a manicure. While manicures have many benefits, such as regular nail care, they can also cause damage to your nails. Take a break from manicures once in a while and let your natural nails breathe.
  • Don't resort to using harsh nail polishes or removers. For nail polish removal, use an acetone-free formula. 
  • Limit using harsh soaps. Products containing many chemicals can dry out the skin and nails. This could lead to cracked cuticles. Soaps made with natural ingredients can soothe your skin. You should be looking out for products containing aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter. Also, use hand sanitizers with high alcohol content in moderation. 
  • Use cuticles oil or cream to soften nail cuticles and maintain healthy and beautiful nails. It is often composed of apricot, sesame, and avocado oils, and aloe vera extract that prevents skin from cracking and peeling. These oils are great for your nails because they will deeply penetrate. They also help you get the right kind of manicure.
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