How to strengthen your nails naturally at home?

Learning how to take care of nails is essential to keep your hands and feet looking their best. For the last time, taking care of nails has ceased to mean only polishing and aligning. Beauty is now a matter of health. Healthy, neutral-colored nails are preferred over bright acrylic nails.

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Healthy nails require some investment from you. If you prefer self-nail care then it can take time but not money. Natural nail care at home you can practice every day with the help of available products. A nail salon treat guarantees you professional care and fast results. However, you need to do your research and find a nail technician for hire who will meet all your requirements.
Simple lifestyle changes are the best way to grow stronger and longer nails, cosmetologists say. Natural healthy nails can also be achieved by changing bad habits like using your nails as a pocket knife. 
In addition, nail hygiene is very important because it helps prevent the growth of bacteria under your fingernails. Make sure to disinfect the tools regularly with alcohol or another antiseptic product. Do not clean under your nails with solid objects such as the sharp end of a nail file. Better use a brush for this. 
We spoke to Canadian nail technicians about the best ways to care for your nails. These steps will ensure stronger nails and longer nails.

  • Moisturize your nails. While moisturizing is an essential part of maintaining healthy skin, it's often overlooked when it comes to nail care. Although dry and brittle nails could be due to many factors, they can also be a sign of a lack of moisture. The same way that hydration can repair split ends and frizz in hair, it can also improve dry and fragile nails. There are two ways to moisturize nails. One is to apply an ointment or cream, such as petroleum jelly on the hands, cuticles, nails, and plates. Another way is to soak the nails in oil baths for nails. Combining these methods may be a better option in some cases.
  • Don't touch your cuticles. Cuticles can be cut, pushed back, or removed altogether. However, this is a common mistake. Even if you are the one who does the cutting very neatly, it can cause more damage than good. If you wonder how to clean nail cuticles, it is better to use an orange stick to push it out. If your cuticles become dry or infected, it can cause damage to the nail bed and impact the growth of your nails.
  • Treat your nails. Because hair and nails both contain keratin proteins it makes sense that there are many common treatment options. Over-processing can lead to hair and nail slow growth and dehydration. Regular polish removal, gels, acrylics can damage nails as much as dyes, chemicals, and heat applications. You should also be careful not to scrub your nails too hard or you will end up with peeling of the protective layer. 
  • Reduce nail files. Frequent nail filing can cause tiny tears in the nail which can lead to splitting or peeling. Do not file nails to reduce their length. Instead, trim them with scissors. Use a crystal or glass nail file for final processing.
  • Give your nails a break from nail polish. In addition to yellowing from the constant staining of the varnish, your nails also receive a lot of harmful chemicals and heat. To get the perfect nails, you should hydrate your nails by using oils and moisturizers between manicuring. After this, paint your nails to give them a glamorous look. 
  • Avoid constant contact with water. You can make sure your nails are less exposed to water. Excessive water contact can cause nail damage. Wear gloves when doing dishes or any other wet work. This is also a bad habit to soak your nails before manicuring. This makes nails drier and doesn't allow nail varnish to stick as well.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Winter can be hard on nails, skin, and hair. Cool, dry weather can make nails more fragile. Extreme temperature swings from indoors to outdoors can also cause damage. Nail cells can contract and expand repeatedly when they are exposed to cold temperatures. To protect your skin and nails, it's smart to wear gloves during winter.

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Top home remedies for healthy nails

People who do not pay attention to their nails or otherwise constantly polish them are more likely to have cracked, flaky, and very brittle nails. Nutritionists note they become weaker due to stress, poor nutrition, and air pollution. There are many natural remedies available that can help you heal your nails at home.
If you don't have the time to visit a nail treat salon, try making them yourself at home. This will be safe and cost-effective. There are several kinds of natural nail care products available in the market:

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is well-known for its antifungal qualities. It's great for keeping your nails healthy and clean. But be careful, as the concentrated tea tree oil leaves burn in the skin. The best way is to add some to your hand cream.

Lemon juice and baking soda

You can whiten your nails at home if they are yellowed from the over-application of nail polishes. Use a small amount of juice from one lemon to make a paste with soda and scrub your nails with it. If you'd like a richer treatment, you can also mix lemon juice and honey. 


Cucumber can be used to naturally treat brittle nails if you are prone to it. Cucumber juice extract is rich in vitamins A, E, and B1, B2, and C. It also contains calcium iron. For 5 minutes, soak your nails in cucumber extract.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best choice for skin and body problems. It's known to keep nails and cuticles healthy. Use a few drops of coconut oils to massage your nails until it is fully absorbed. This will strengthen your nails and heal them.


Garlic cloves have antifungal and antibiotic properties, which can help keep fungus away from your feet. You can moisten cotton pads with garlic juice and apply it to your fingers. Let it dry for a few minutes and then remove it with a damp cotton pad. Use baking soda or coffee grounds to remove the garlic odor from your hands.

Consume foods rich in biotin

Biotin is a form of vitamin B that can accelerate the growth of your nails. A study found that biotin can transform weak nails into strong nails in just a few weeks. This vitamin is found in nuts, eggs, bananas, and cooked mushrooms. These vitamins should be included in your daily food intake.
Apart from being vegan, these natural nail care products are a great way to get healthy nails. In addition to being non-toxic and free of harmful ingredients, they contain essential vitamins and minerals that can promote healthy nails. And they are cheap too! So if you're looking to save money, you can even make them yourself to get rid of your problem. You can start by preparing the ingredients for these treatments at home. 

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