Neat feet and toenails. How to take care of your feet at home?

how to take care of feet

The feet require special care to stay healthy. You need to give your feet lots of love. They are the mainstays of your body and take up to 8,000 steps per day. Your feet must support the weight of your entire body. We also put them in shoes and keep them standing for extended periods. You should pay more attention to self-care for feet to save them healthy and neat.

How to keep your feet healthy and soft

Although we tend to forget about our feet, they are an important part of our body. Taking care of dry cracked feet is much more difficult than following the basics to keep them soft and healthy. 

  • Moderately visit the pedicure technician, as the toenails and cuticles need to be given a rest.
  • Exercise and stretch, keeping shape you will bring a lot of benefits to your legs and feet. For example, yoga classes offer awesome exercises, including lifting your legs up allows you to relieve tension.
  • Choose shoes that are not too tight on your feet. Wearing tight-fitting shoes is a bad idea.
  • Do not wear faulty or worn shoes. Watch out for cracks in the upper and damage to the toe boxes. Verify that the straps are not broken or missing from sandals. Repair your shoes in time or toss them out.

Good foot care routine. Daily care that your feet require

feet day care

Taking good hygiene of your feet is crucial for their health. Follow the steps below to keep your feet healthy and comfortable:

  1. You should inspect them for any cuts, sores or swelling.
  2. Give your feet a thorough cleaning with warm water every day. However, avoid a long time soaking as this could dry them out.
  3. Lotion or cream can be used to moisturize your feet. Do not use feet care products between your toes.
  4. To decrease foot pain, and increase circulation, you may massage your feet. Massage therapy is a great way to ease tension and relieve aches. Or, you can massage using a rolling pin that moves your feet.
  5. Do not walk barefoot on muddy or wet surfaces. This will prevent viruses from getting under your skin and keep you safe from problems like plantar warts or nail fungus.
  6. Use a nail clipper and nail file to trim your toenails. This will stop the nail from cracking and growing into the skin.

Dry skin on the feet is common and this problem can be remedied with the right foot lotion., Apply moisturizer to the foot's skin after showering. By using moisturizers, you can also keep your feet healthy and happy. You can buy essential oils that will help you with this. It's important to find one that's best suited for your needs. This way, you'll be able to make sure your feet are always in the best possible condition.
A good foot cream is also recommended, after using a foot file to remove calluses and dead skin. It's also good to trim your nails regularly. Try not to cut them too short. 
Remember to change your socks every day. This will prevent the feet from accumulating too much sweat. You should also keep your feet clean by alternating between wearing shoes. 

How to take care of dead skin on your feet?

Corns are thick, hardened areas on the skin of your feet. They occur due to friction of the foot in the shoe and cause discomfort and pain. Сalluses causes by standing for long periods of time, for example, in mobile nursing jobs.
The best ways to treat calluses and corns:

  • Get thick socks to protect your feet;
  • While you are in the shower or bath, rub your calluses with a pumice stone;
  • To relieve shoe pressure, use gel pad inserts or corn pads;
  • Use non-prescription foot orthotics;
  • Ensure that your shoes are properly fitting. Avoid wearing high heels throughout the day.

Why do feet sweat?

why do feet sweat

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes sweaty feet. It is a condition that causes people to sweat more than normal. Your body can also be stimulated by stress, medication, or hormonal changes that make feet sweat. And when you sweat, your feet could smell.
The main reason is excessive sweating from your feet in shoes. The odour is created when sweat mixes with bacteria from your socks and shoes. To avoid it your feet should be washed daily with warm water and mild soap. 
The right shoe can prevent foot odour and keep your feet looking good. Breathable shoes from leather or canvas are a good choice. Avoid wearing the same shoe a few days in succession. Treat it with a shoe deodorant. As a runner, take care of your feet by rotating pairs so that each pair can dry. Allow at least 24 hours for them to air out.
If you think your feet sweat too much then keep them dry by sprinkling some cornstarch or powdered antifungal powder on top. Throughout the day, change your socks a few times. By following these steps, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and beautiful pair of toes. You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of soft and happy feet.

Toe nail care tips

Toe nail care is as important as strengthening fingernails, especially if you often wear closed shoes. They can make your toenails jagged and difficult to cut by yourself. Following these toenail care tips will keep you from many toe problems and make them beautiful. 

How To Trim Toenails properly? 

how to take care of feet

Toenails grow more slowly than fingernails, so it's important not to overtrim them. This can lead to discomfort and damage to the nail bed. Properly trimming your toenails is crucial for the prevention of infections and ingrowth nail problems. 
Using the right tools is essential for proper toenail care. When trimming your toenails, use a nail nipper to cut them straight across. Rounding the corners with a file help avoid sharp corners. 
Soaking your feet will help to soften toenails and cuticles for easier trimming. By doing this you will save yourself from cracking the nail during the trimming. Bathing your feet in warm water also stimulates circulation in your toes and feet. This helps your toenails grow healthier. You could scrub your toenails with a foot brush afterward to remove any excess dirt and dead skin. 
Adding oils and other ingredients to the water can make your feet softer and more supple, and prevent fungal infections. A foot soak can be a great way to end the day.  After soaking and trimming it is essential to apply moisturizer. 

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