Does hair change your face? Choosing the best haircut suits your face shape

Choose right hair shape

Your hair shapes your face and has a huge impact on your appearance. A good haircut can emphasize certain features or balance you out. It gets to the point that a haircut can make you look younger or older. Therefore, it is important to do research before hiring a hairdresser for a new look.

There's no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to choosing a haircut. It is important to know what style flatters your face shape, so you can choose a style that best highlights your features. A few extra inches can make a world of difference! Here's how to choose the perfect face-shaping haircut for your face shape! 

We all have different faces, and your facial shape will determine what type of haircut will work best for you. To find your style, explore your jawline, forehead, and cheekbones, to find your face shape. Take into account your hair length and type. Here are some considerations to help you choose the perfect haircut for you:

  • Do you wish for a short or long haircut? Short hairstyles can make you look younger if you are over 40 by lifting your face features. While for young women a stylish high bun of long layered hair will make you look your best.
  • Are your hair straight or curly? Ombre and balayage styles are good for wavy hair. Tight, pulled-back hairdressing can harm your curly hair. 
  • Do you prefer bangs? Bangs and blunt cuts draw more attention to your eyes and lips. Long oblique bangs are more versatile because they can visually shorten your nose and narrow your cheeks. The asymmetrical fringe on the side helps correct other imperfections. 
  • What is your face shape? With a square face, a framing haircut can make you look less angular. In the same way, a crown volume haircut makes your face look thinner and balances it.

The most popular haircuts

top 4 most popular haircuts

In fact, there are 4 main haircuts in different variations. They are basic principles that are used to make all modern haircuts.

Popular Haircut Styles
Bob haircut Bob or Blunt cut is a style where the hair is cut at the same length across the entire head. The most common is the chin-length bob. You can part your hair in the middle or side. While Bob is a haircut that makes you look younger than you are, this style can help you remove some of your weight and create a more youthful appearance.
Wedge hairstyle The wedge hairstyle has a triangular shape and graduated edges.  The wedge haircut is a short-layered and voluminous style. It works well with straight and fine hair. The cheeky wedge haircut can make you look older than you are. Long in the back with bangs in the front, this hairstyle has become very popular over the past few years.
Layered haircut A layered haircut blends shorter, more flexible strands with length to add movement and weight. Layers add volume and thickness to the hair, giving it the appearance of thicker hair. One way to change your style without radical cutting is to change one-length hairstyles to long layers. 
Shag haircut A shag is a style that layers your hair from full around the crown to thin at the edges. While the rest of the styles can be used with any length of hair, shag applies to long hairstyles.

There are many options available that will suit your particular face cut and style. You may want to experiment with different styles until you find the perfect one. Before trying out a new look, consult with a professional beautician to help you determine what kind of hairstyle is best for you. They are able to recommend a hairstyle that does not contradict the climate in which you live.

How to know what haircut fits your face?

haircut for your face

A woman's hairstyle can make or break her look, so it's vital to choose one that will emphasize the best features of your face. Knowing what haircut best suits your face shape is essential. A short top, medium-length hair on the sides, or a slick back - learn which style will make you look better.

Haircut for oval face

Long layers, curtain bangs or a bob - all these suits for those with oval faces more than it is for others. With an already-proportionate oval face shape, you can style your hair in any way you like. While there are many styles to choose from, avoid excessive volume. This will lead to a longer face.

Haircut for round face

If you have a sweet, round face, your chin will be unexpressed. There are many styles that look bouncy, with volume at the crown, cute flips, frizzy bangs, and fringy cuts oriented toward the face. But avoid chin-length haircuts as they emphasize face roundness.

Square face haircut

Avoid heavy bangs or shaggy styles. Flowing waves, face-framing bob, and side-swept bangs are best. Conventional and glossy haircuts usually emphasize the angularity of the face, so these styles are not suited for square face shapes. 

Heart-shaped face haircut

A wider forehead will not fit short bangs or layer crops. Bob to the chin, on the contrary, will divert attention from the forehead and focus on the feminine chin. Long haircuts with side-swept bangs will look great.

Coco Chanel once said that "a woman's haircut changes her life." A hairstyle can make a woman look good and give her more confidence. Get inspired and change styles as much as you want!

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