How to find your perfect brow shape

Properly shaped eyebrows can make the rest of the face look more appealing, open the eye area, and reduce the amount of makeup you wear. Choosing the correct eyebrow shape will make you look younger and more attractive. There's no universally perfect eyebrow shape, but there are some things that everyone should consider. 

Face and brow shapes

brow shapes

Let's talk about the shape that can be given to the eyebrows. The first step to creating the perfect brow shape is to understand your face shape. Generally, our faces are oval, round or oblong with soft angles, square or diamond with even facial geometry, or heart-shaped (triangular), that are narrowed to the chin. By simply looking in a mirror you can guess it.

And there are several basic eyebrow shapes such as arched brows, round, straight, and S-shaped, precisely:

  • Arched toward the tail brows;
  • Arched in the middle;
  • High arched;
  • Rounded;
  • Straight;
  • S-shaped.

In the terms of thickness and length of the eyebrows can be:

  • Tapered, that is, wide inside and narrower towards the tail.
  • Short eyebrows, which usually should be fluffy and thick. If you want to create a slimmer face, try to make a thicker brow.
  • Long, usually strongly curved, extending beyond the corner of the eyes. A thin brow will look better with small eyes.

Depending on what kind of face you have, you can choose the shape of the eyebrows that suits you best. Skillful cosmetologists recommend applying some general rules for determining your eyebrow type.

Which brow shape is best for your face?

best eye brow shapes

The right brows may highlight the best features of your face and minimize any flaws. The perfect brow style is defined by the shape of your face, your eyes, and even your haircut. To get perfect eyebrows, you should follow the rule to have an eyebrow shape that is opposite to your face. To add width to your face, you can choose to have your brows straightened and elongated with a low arch. And in order to narrow your face, sometimes it is enough to give your eyebrows a high arch.

Perfect brow shape for oval face

Oval faces are usually well balanced and symmetric. For the oval faces, it is best to maintain a controlled eyebrow arch. Choose a tapered, natural-looking brow shape. A low arch softens the chin and draws attention upwards to your eyes. 

Brow shape for round face

If you have round faces, it is a good idea to make a high arch to smooth it out. Sharp tails can give the face a more elongated and slender appearance. But do not seek long eyebrows that go far beyond the corners of the eyes, this will make your face wider.

Ideal brow shape for a long face

For an oblong, narrow face, a straight or slightly curved brow shape will emphasize your forehead. The straight brow line usually looks best when it is thick and narrower towards the tail. If you don't have enough volume, consider brow lamination or extensions services.

Best brow shape for square face

A square face is balanced by rounded eyebrows. For a square face, a soft rounded line of the eyebrow softens a high, prominent jawline and face angularity. A sharp peak at the end of the brow can help to balance a broad forehead and will add a feminine. It softens the strong features of a square face.

Best brow shape for a heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face will have a wide forehead and a narrow jaw. This is a very feminine face shape, so an eyebrow without a high arch and a long tail will suit your face well. The best brow shape for a heart-shaped face is slightly angular toward the tail. If you have a heart-shaped face, avoid a higher eyebrow arch and arched in the middle ones that will give you an always surprising look. An s-curved and slanted brow will also look good on a heart-shaped face if this form is natural for you.

Brow shape for diamond face

The diamond face is quite rare, so its owners may want to highlight pronounced cheekbones. In this case, choose angular eyebrows. The higher the arch, the more pronounced the cheekbones are. If your facial features are sharp and you want to soften them, a softly rounded shape for the brows can be flattering.

If you are in doubt about the perfect brow shape the best way to find it is to entrust the process to a skillful eyebrow artist. You will be able to assess how your desired eyebrows would look on software simulation. A professional will also explain which shape is more suited for your style.

The benefits of natural brow shape

In most cases, your natural brow shape will best suit your face. It is necessary to build on the natural shape of the eyebrows. You can trim the eyebrows to be thinner or thicker, and give the eyebrows a more smooth, curved, or clearer shape, but this should not change the natural shape.

In addition, keeping the natural arch of your brows will mean less brow maintenance. You do not have to daily tweeze grown hair and draw an arch or tail of an eyebrow. Thus, with a simple clearing natural eyebrow shape, you will sign up for threading or waxing once every 4 weeks.  And when the eyebrow was significantly changed, after 7-14 days the growing hairs become noticeable.

Your brows should be symmetrical, with an elongated tail. Use a brow pencil to outline and fill in the sparse areas of your brows. To determine the shape, place the pencil parallel to the nose from the wing towards the eyebrow. So you can measure the inner edge of the eyebrow. From the same starting point, draw an imaginary line through the outer corners of the eyes to determine where the brow ends. The same line passing through the pupil will point to the top of the eyebrow bend. By drawing these three points, you can get symmetrical and proper eyebrows.

Brow tinting

brow tinting near me

If your eyebrows are faded, they might look odd or unattractive. Tinted eyebrows make the face more expressive. However, in the process of tinting, moderation and professionalism are necessary. For blondes, your eyebrows should be at least two shades darker than your roots. For brunettes, you can go a little lighter.

There are different types of dyes. The most popular are those that tint only the hairs. When dyeing eyebrows with henna, the skin between the hairs is also filled. You can also opt for permanent eyebrow tinting or daily brow make-up with a pencil or eye shadow.

You can't just choose the right shape or shade of eyebrows, but it is essential to maintain them as well. Brush your eyebrows after you shower. Coconut oil, almond oil, or serum can also be used a few times per week.

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